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The monthly RARE Report is designed to support hospitals and partners participating in the campaign to prevent 4,000 avoidable readmissions by the end of 2012. effort. Its primary aims are to:

  1. Keep staff in participating hospitals and partner organizations abreast of campaign news, events, and progress toward goals.
  2. Demonstrate how hospitals and Community Partners can work better together across the continuum of care after hospital discharge to prevent avoidable readmissions.
  3. Share success stories and other best practices to accelerate progress.
  4. Provide tools and tips to keep staffs motivated, engaged and implementing changes to achieve their goals.

July 2014

  1. Campaign Wraps Up With Celebration, Final Action Learning Day
  2. Looking Forward
  3. RARE Campaign in the News
  4. Other News

May 2014

  1. Final Campaign Data Shows 7,975 Avoidable Readmissions Prevented
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. HealthEast and Skilled Nursing Facilities Share Expertise on Reducing Readmissions

April 2014

  1. RARE Campaign Featured in The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. Pharmacy Pilot at Regions Hospital Aims to Improve Patient Care, Reduce Readmissions
  4. RARE’s Collaborative Improvements Benefit Good Samaritan Home Care Patients

March 2014

  1. Mental Health Collaborative Kicks Off with Successful Learning Day
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. Adult Day Services are Uniquely Able to Reduce Avoidable Readmissions for Participants

February 2014

  1. Campaign Receives 2013 Eisenberg Award
  2. New Data is In – 7,030 Avoidable Readmissions Prevented
  3. Upcoming Events and News
  4. There’s Still Time! Care Transitions Intervention: Collaborative Opportunity
  5. Improving Communication, Teamwork Makes RARE Effective for Tealwood Senior Living

January 2014

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Care Transitions Intervention: Collaborative Opportunity
  3. RARE Collaborative on Mental Health Care Transitions Set to Begin
  4. Campaign Poster Gets Attention at IHI’s Annual Forum
  5. Other News
  6. Strategies at New Primary Care Clinic Reduce Avoidable Hospital Readmissions for Patients With Complex Medical Histories

November 2013

  1. New Data is In - 6,211 Avoidable Readmissions Prevented
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. Engaging Speakers, Networking Highlight a Successful Action Learning Day
  4. Get to Know Your Community Mental Health Programs

October 2013

  1. Upcoming Events and News
  2. Rapid-Adoption Methodology Boosts Hospital Quality Improvement and Reduces Avoidable Readmissions
  3. Improved Transition Communications at CentraCare Health – Sauk Centre Help Reduce Avoidable Readmissions

September 2013

  1. RARE Campaign in the News
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. MAAA Program Helps Patients Take Charge of Their Health, Avoid Return to Hospital
  4. Minnesota Pharmacists Working to Reduce Readmissions

August 2013

  1. New Data Is In: Campaign Prevents 5,441 Avoidable Readmissions
  2. Participating Hospitals in the News
  3. Upcoming Events, News and Website Updates
  4. Paynesville Medication Therapy Management Reduces Avoidable Readmissions by 50 Percent
  5. What a Difference a Community Makes!

July 2013

  1. Upcoming Events, News and Website Updates
  2. Home Health Agency’s Transition Care Nurse Program Works
  3. RARE Tools, Community-Wide Partnerships Reduce Readmissions at Cloquet’s Community Memorial

June 2013

  1. RARE Campaign Hits the Big Time!
  2. Pictures, Videos Capture Creativity of RARE Teams
  3. Success Stories from Participating Hospitals
  4. Upcoming Events & News
  5. Improving Care Transitions Through Health Information Exchange in Post Acute Care Settings
  6. Campaign Gets Attention in AF4Q Spotlight

May 2013

  1. 4,570 Avoidable Readmissions Prevented Since Campaign Began!
  2. RWJF Grant Will Fund RARE Campaign Mental Health Collaborative
  3. Upcoming Events and News
  4. Highlights from April’s Action Learning Day
  5. Windom Hospital Achieves Notable Reduction in Avoidable Readmissions

April 2013

  1. Share Your RARE Campaign Success in Pictures
  2. Upcoming Events, News and Website Updates
  3. Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital Implements Post-Discharge Follow-Up Calls
  4. Modified Resident Log Tool and Physician Education Help Reduce Readmissions at Ebenezer Ridges Care Center

March 2013

  1. Upcoming Events, News and Website Updates
  2. Discharge Advocate Helps Ease the Process for St. Luke's Patients
  3. PrimeWest Health Discharge Member Follow-Up Project Yields Exciting Results

February 2013

  1. Third Quarter 2012 Results: 3,603 Avoidable Readmissions Prevented
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. Closing the Home Care Funding Gap at Regions Hospital
  4. Helping People Stay Happy and Healthy in their Own Homes

January 2013

  1. Campaign's 2013 Plans Taking Shape
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. EMTs Help Make Transitions to Home Safer
  4. Closing the Loop with Teach-back

November 2012

  1. RARE Campaign Reports New Data, Announces Extension
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. Eric Coleman Inspires Participants at Action Learning Day
  4. St. Gertrude’s Uses INTERACT Tools to Improve Resident Care

October 2012

  1. Upcoming Events, News and Web Updates
  2. Improving Care Transitions for Patients with Mental Illnesses
  3. AXIS Healthcare: Improving Care Transitions for People with Disabilities
  4. Executive Q&A: RARE and Accountable Care Organizations

September 2012

  1. Upcoming Events, News and Web Updates
  2. Impact of Hospital Readmissions Penalties in Minnesota
  3. Community Partners Implementing Best Practices; Want to Do More
  4. Work Group Tackles Improvements to Epic EHR
  5. Executive Q&A: Keeping RARE a Priority

August 2012

  1. The Data Is In!
  2. Upcoming Events, News and Web Updates
  3. Using Epic to Standardize Post-Discharge Follow-Up Calls
  4. Case Studies Illustrate the Role of Aging Networks in Support of Older Adults
  5. Executive Q&A: Communicating the Importance of RARE

July 2012

  1. Upcoming Events, News and Web Updates
  2. The Role of Primary Care in Reducing Avoidable Readmissions
  3. UCare – Fairview Community Partner Article
  4. Executive Q&A: Working with Primary Care Physicians

June 2012

  1. Upcoming Events and News
  2. Park Nicollet Piloting an EHR Tool to Identify Patients at High Risk for Readmission
  3. ConnectCare Brings Home Care Perspective to Hutchinson Area Health Care’s RARE Team
  4. Hospital Executives Share How Their Staffs Stay Motivated

May 2012

  1. The Data is In!
  2. Upcoming Events and News
  3. Area Agencies on Aging: Key Community Organizations for Successful Transitions
  4. Action Learning Day a Rousing Success
  5. Webinar Summary: Challenging the Label of the Non-compliant Patient
  6. ICSI Colloquium Workshop Addresses Medication Management Systems
  7. Hospital Executive Talks About Implementation Barriers
  8. Campaign Updates: VHA Joins Campaign as Supporting Partner, Mini-Pillows in Roseau

April 2012

  1. Upcoming Events, Web Updates and News
  2. Community Partners: Reducing Hospital Admissions from Nursing Homes
  3. Hospital Executives Share Insights about Work with Community Partners
  4. Campaign Updates: Measurement Work Group and Epic Users Group Reports

March 2012

  1. Upcoming Events, Web Updates and News
  2. Care Transitions Intervention: Putting it into Practice at Allina
  3. Community Partners: Key Players in Campaign’s Success
  4. Campaign Updates: Recommended Actions for Improved Care Transitions; Mental Health Work Groups; Conversations with Canadian Ministry of Health
  5. Hospital Executives Share Actions Taken to Engage Other Providers

February 2012

  1. Minnesotans Spent 5,000 More Nights in Their Beds, Thanks to Your Efforts
  2. News, Web Updates, and Upcoming Events
  3. RARE Hospitals’ Organizational Assessments: What Are We Learning?
  4. Hospital Executives Share Their Organizational Assessment Discoveries
  5. Community Partners Corner: How to Reduce COPD Readmissions
  6. How Two Hospitals Implemented Project RED
  7. RARE Website Featured Content: Health Literacy Resources
  8. Helpful Links Concerning Readmissions
  9. RARE Ideas Earn RARE Rewards!

January 2012

  1. This Is Your Publication. Tell Us How to Make It Most Valuable
  2. News, Web Updates and Upcoming Events
  3. Hospital Executives Tell How They're Launching RARE Activities
  4. Community Partners Corner: 5 Things Hospitals Can Do Better In Working With Long-Term Care Facilities
  5. How 2 Hospitals Improved Care Transitions Communication
  6. RARE Idea Contest - Earn from What You Learn
  7. Helpful Links Concerning Readmissions

This Is Your Publication

To be of greatest benefit, the RARE Report needs to contain content most useful to you. Give us your thoughts on this first issue, and provide us with other ideas you want addressed in future issues. Send ideas to Mary Beth Schwartz.

The RARE Report is brought to you by the RARE Campaign's Operating Partners: Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, Minnesota Hospital Association and Stratis Health, with contribution by the campaign's Supporting Partners, Minnesota Medical Association and MN Community Measurement.

Launched in September 2011, the RARE Campaign seeks to achieve Triple Aim goals by preventing 4,000 avoidable readmissions in Minnesota by Dec. 31, 2012. We thank all stakeholders in this regional initiative for their ongoing support.

If you have any questions related to the content of the RARE Report, contact:

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