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RARE - Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively

Internal Promotion

The Operating Partners have developed promotional materials to share with all hospitals participating in the RARE Campaign.

Community Commitment to the RARE Campaign - Video. Use this video to kick off your RARE Campaign. Multiple people—patients, family members, and hospital and community organization leaders—discuss why this campaign is important now. A DVD copy will be provided to all participating hospitals. (7:36 minutes)

RARE Internal Promotion Toolkit. Use this launch kit to kick off your RARE Campaign, both inside your hospital and externally. The kit materials are designed to help you explain this broad-based initiative, successfully launch the campaign inside your hospital, and engage community partners to help you achieve your goals. (17-page Word doc)

RARE Internal Promotion Webinar. This webinar reviews the promotional materials available to participants in the RARE Campaign. Select playback. (Recorded October 12, 2011) (50 minutes)

PowerPoint to Introduce RARE at Your Hospital. This customizable slide deck explains the RARE Campaign, why it is needed, the community support behind it, your hospital's requirements to participate, and the support your staff and community will receive to achieve your readmissions reduction goals. A five-minute video will be available for inclusion in the slide deck. (26-slide PowerPoint)

Videos. In these videos, various stakeholders explain why the campaign to reduce avoidable readmissions is needed and timely, how it supports the Triple Aim, the role care providers play across the continuum of care, and how the campaign establishes a collaboration approach to accelerate positive changes in health care.

Free Materials Available for Order

Poster - Lobby Display. This poster lets your hospital show visitors that you are working to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions as part of the RARE Campaign. 2x2 ft. poster suitable for framing. Limit 3. Sample >

Poster - Signing/Commitment. A public signing of a poster, possibly as part of a launch event, is a great visible way to show your staff's and community partners' strong commitment to the RARE Campaign. 2x3 ft. poster suitable for framing. Limit 2. Sample >

Buttons for Staff. These buttons will prompt patients to ask how they can sleep in their own beds, offering an excellent opportunity for your staff to discuss your focus area(s) for reducing readmissions, and how you're working with patients to maintain their health after leaving the hospital so they don't have to come back unnecessarily. Limit 50. Sample >

For questions about ordering materials, contact Jim Trevis at (952) 814-7080.

Patients and family members
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RARE is a campaign lead by the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, the Minnesota Hospital Association, and Stratis Health, which represents Lake Superior Quality Innovation Network in Minnesota.