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RARE Action Learning Day—November 11, 2013

Mark Williams with RARE pillow
Mark Williams, Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine
Victor Montori, Mayo Clinic
Victor Montori, Mayo Clinic

The RARE Action Learning Day was designed for the RARE organizations' working teams and focused on the five key areas for improvement. Teams discussed their strategies and worked on plans, and participated in cross organizational networking.

  1. Agenda (1-page Word doc)
  2. Welcome and Campaign Update presented by Sanne Magnan, Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
  3. Keynote presented by Dr. Mark Williams, Division of Hospital Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Project BOOST (Better Outcomes for Older Adults Through Safe Transitions) slides (23-page PDF)
  4. Engaging Patients through Patient Advisory Councils presented by Amy Vanderscheuren, Essentia Health, and Mary Jackson, Essentia Health slides (15-slide PowerPoint)
  5. The Hospitalized Acute Care Patient with Mental Health Needs presented by Gregory Clancy, Allina Health slides (49-slide PowerPoint)
  6. Sustainability and Networking activity presented by Kathy Cummings, Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement How to Make a Switch (1-page PDF) and Networking Exercise (1-page Word doc)
  7. Disruptive Medicine and Readmissions presented by Victor Montori, Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit and a Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic slides (27-slide PowerPoint)
Essentia staff with RARE pillows
Amy Vanderscheuren and Mary Jackson, Essentia Health
Greg Clancy with RARE pillow
Gregory Clancy, Allina Health








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