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RARE Action Learning DayApril 23, 2013

The RARE Action Learning Day was designed for the RARE organizations' working teams and focused on the five key areas for improvement. Teams discussed their strategies and worked on plans, and participated in cross organizational networking.

  1. Agenda (1-page Word doc)
    Joe Litsey with RARE pillow
    Joe Litsey, Thrifty White Pharmacy
  2. Welcome and Campaign Update presented by Jennifer Lundblad, CEO, Stratis Health
  3. Keynote presentation: Improving Transitions to Improve Care presented by Cheri Lattimer, Executive Director, National Transitions of Care Coalition slides (44-page PDF) Seven Essential Elements (7-page PDF)
  4. Engaging patients and telling their stories to prevent readmissions presented by Carmen Hansen, Project Manager, Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement slides (31-page PDF)
  5. Working Together to Manage Medications
    • Shannon Reidt, Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist, Hennepin County Medical Center slides (9-page PDF)
    • Joe Litsey, Pharmacist, Thrifty White Pharmacy Consulting slides (10-page PDF)
    • Kati Dvorak, First Light Health System slides (12-page PDF)
  6. What’s in the Works? presented by RARE Operating Partners
  7. Rapid Fire Sessions
    • Veronica Olsen, Clinical Director, Ecumen Lakeshore
    • Lisa Graham, Health Partnerships Program Manager, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging
    • Candy Hanson, Program Manager, Stratis Health
    • Lorraine Cummings, Quality Improvement Specialist, UCare
  8. Tying it All Together presented by Kim McCoy, Program Manager, Stratis Health

Veronica Olsen with RARE pillow   First Light with RARE pillow
Veronica Olsen, Ecumen Lakeshore
First Light: Emily Neumann, Kati Dvorak, Jen Peterson, and Megan Sampson
Patients and family members
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