Maintaining patient health after a hospital stay...
RARE - Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively

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General Inquiries

For more information about participating in the campaign, please contact one of these Operating Partners:

Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
Kathy Cummings, Project Manager, (952) 814-7086

Minnesota Hospital Association
Mark Sonneborn, Vice President of Information Services, (651) 659-1423
Tania Daniels, Vice President Patient Safety, (651) 603-3517

Stratis Health
Kim McCoy, Program Manager, (952) 853-8563

Media Inquiries

Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
Mary Beth Schwartz, Sr. Marketing & Communications Specialist, (952) 814-8292

Minnesota Hospital Association
Sarah Ford, Communications Specialist/Writer, (651) 603-3495

Stratis Health
Deb McKinley, Communications and Outreach Manager, (952) 853-8576

Patients and family members
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RARE is a campaign lead by the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, the Minnesota Hospital Association, and Stratis Health, which represents Lake Superior Quality Innovation Network in Minnesota.